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Help for Ukrainian refugees


The situation in Ukraine is desperate and the need for medicine, medical support and food becomes more urgent each day, for people remaining in Ukraine and the hundreds of thousands seeking refuge across Europe.

We want to give the Danish citizens a heartfelt thank you. For your donations that have helped raise more than 430 million kroner for Red Cross. And to numerous volunteers who are helping prepare for the many refugees on their way to Denmark.

Red Cross efforts in Ukraine

There is a pressing need for assistance in Ukraine and Red Cross are working day and night to help with lifesaving first aid and in securing emergency aid for internally displaced Ukrainians. We also support with:

  • Clean water supplies, food, clothing, and hygiene kits
  • Protection and shelter
  • Physical and psychological emergency aid for wounded and refugees
  • Financial support for families
  • Water supplies, support and equipment for hospitals and clinics
  • Repairs of vital infrastructure, e.g., water pipes

What you can do

The quickest way you can help is by donating money. Red Cross will make sure the funds are used where it is most needed, e.g. medicine, first aid or food. But there are also other big tasks ahead where your help will make a difference. We suggest you:

  • Donate money using MobilePay on 683617 or donate 75,-kr. via SMS 1290 by writing UKRAINE
  • In this situation we need many hands for different supporting tasks. Register today through our network ‘Røde Kors Parat’ by +45 35299660 or parat@rodekors.dk
  • Deliver your secondhand clothes in our collection containers or in one of our two secondhand stores. All profits go towards Ukraine or other disaster areas
  • Show compassion and engage with any refugees in your neighborhood

Are you interested in volunteering, please reach out to our Team Leader on pia.kjoelhede@rodekors.dk



Pia Kjølhede
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